New Adventure?

So, my family plans on selling the house that we’ve been living in for years.

It’s kinda a shocking news for me when i heard it. But,  given the circumstances i know it had to be done.

We’ve been in the downside for a couple of years. I guess that’s what makes my Dad to think that we better sell the house.

It’s kinda sad for me.  There’s a lot of memories and i just think i couldn’t handle it.  I know,  I’m  being dramatic. But,  that house is like the center of all my memories.

Now, we’ve been searching for a new house.  We’ve searched many houses trough the internet. And my Dad seems to take a liking on the Houses at Kota Baru Parahyangan,  Bandung.

So, last Saturday we go there.  The place is really awesome. It have it’s own school, hospital, etc. 

Plus,  Its really peaceful and clean.  And gives you that relaxing mood.  It is really a place where you could rest your body and soul,  at least that’s what I feel.

I really like that place,  i could smell the fresh air and the new adventure it gives.

I know moving to somewhere new is hard.  But,  if its for the best then i couldn’t wish for more.

But, one thing I know,  Bandung is a great place to live. The atmosphere is really different from the town i live in now.

I just hope that when we move to a new place,  it will give us good fortune. 😇

New Adventure?