My Very First

This is my official first post. I really don’t know what to write about. but i guess i can tell you about my self a little bit.

I’m an Indonesian, born and bred. I’m still 24, and i think you can guess my name from the blog’s name. i love baking and singing, i think that it’s very stress reliving and give me that mood boosting. like how chocolate works on many people.

i love hanging out with my friends. i love how we interact with each other trough jokes, stories, fights, etc, you get the point right ?. because they always can lift my spirit up when i’m feeling down, and they were always there for me *aside from my family that is*

oh ! i’m not really a good writer as you might already tell from what i write so far. well, that’s because i’m more of a expressive on a action kind of thing rather than just write or talk about it. but, i guess i have to change and learn and do my best right ? as i’m having a blog post now. please do criticize me and help me to be a better man 😀

And maybe i will be posting a lot of photo’s about my baked goods. and who knows, maybe i might be posting it with the recipe as well. *note that the recipe’s are my own versions*. why ? that’s because i read tons of a certain recipe online and do a lot of researching about baking to make it perfect *for me at least :p*.

i bake a lot of cupcake when i lived in Bandung a couple years back, and i used to sell ’em near Gedung Sate at Sunday morning. truthfully i was nervous when people bought it and eat it straight away. i was nervous about their reactions, but seeing their happy faces and good feedback’s really made my day. here’s a photo of my bake sale

My first bake sale in Bandung

but, since i move back to Jakarta, I wasn’t able to do it. Maybe someday I’ll open up a shop here in Jakarta, so you can enjoy lots of my baked goods.

My Very First